Instagram is a growing channel which provides the opportunity for both individuals and business to expand their brand. Especially for businesses, it provides ample opportunities like more online reach for your brand, showcases your products, attracts new customers and generates more business revenue.

But the real deal is unless you or your business is already famous it is not that easy to get a huge fan following without some effort. It takes a lot of time for a new startup or a commoner to gain a huge fan following. But, luckily there are some things you can do to gain your first 1000 followers for your personal/business brand.

Now, let us go through the things to do to gain 1000 loyal followers by creating an engaging Instagram profile.

1. Optimize your profile to maximize your reach
For example, turn your profile into a public profile and allow comments on your posts to increase your profile’s reach and engagement.

2. Employ profile admin
Just like Facebook fan pages, Instagram profiles also need admins to schedule your posts, curate the content for you and engage with visitors through comments and messages.

3. Improve your photography and editing skills
Since Instagram is a picture sharing social media, your pictures must be in such a way that there should be no second thought for your target audience to engage with the post.

4. Post Regularly
This is one area which you must handle carefully as over posting can impact the reach of your important posts or less posting can dull audience interest over your profile. So find the correct time, frequency to post your posts to maximize your reach and engagement.

5. Write engaging captions
Next, to the picture, the caption is the area which captures the interest of the audience. So make it as engaging as possible with short and easily recognizing captions.

6. Correct Hash tags
Hash tags are so important because a correctly targeted hash tag can move your post in the right direction of targeted audience whereas an incorrect hash tag will end up wasting all your time in curating the post by not moving your post towards the target audience.

7. Interact actively
Interacting with your page audience and accounts related to your niche is very important because it will increase your visibility your target audience. So stay active!

8. Use Influencers
Suppose if you are promoting your health care product contact a model/athlete/yoga instructor who is popular in their respective field and promote your product through them.

9. Run Contest
This is the best way to attract more new business leads as people are usually interested in products which as an offer with them rather than some product with no offer. Run a contest and provide the winner with a really useful token of appreciation.

10. Effective use of stories and live videos
Stories and live videos are effective to promote your products, which you already have promoted through your posts but haven’t reached their potential audience. Stories and live videos attract more audience than traditional posts.

11. Share your profile across online media
If there is a chance of sharing your Instagram profile in an online media, do that without any second thought. Share it on your facebook, twitter, website etc.

Hope this tips will help you to get your first 1000 followers in your Instagram profile. Feel free to comment your suggestion on the comment section below.