Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is selling and buying products over a internet. E-commerce contains four business strategies,

Business to Business(B2B).
Business to customer(B2C).
Customer to Business(C2B).
Customer to Customer(C2C).
Key Components to Succeed E-Commerce:

Online Branding : How you brand your company to customer. Especially a small retailers to make sure branding is consistent and productively. Retailer must license their brand.

Marketing : Marketing is the backbone of your business. If you have a good product and service, you must be invest in marketing.

Fulfillment : Giving quality products for closely tied to customer satisfaction. Otherwise you will not get growth in business.

Shipping Cost : Shipping is one of the top marginal costs of running e-commerce business successfully.

E-commerce Website in 2018 :

In 2018 coimbatore e-commerce : In coimbatore, all types of industries are going to selling their products through online through their own company websites.

All hotels are selling foods through online with attractive offers.
All travels companies are build own websites for booking tickets.
Machinery products are sold directly to the customer by the company.
E-commerce in Coimbatore 2018 :

Mobile E-commerce : A customer using a smartphone to search for your product, to browse product reviews online and to ask feedback from their social network can use that same smartphone to order your product subsequently. This scenario is increasingly becoming common as more consumers feel comfortable in shopping from their mobile devices.

Advantage of mobile e-commerce :

Secure and user-friendly mobile payment platforms: Point-of-Sale (POS) systems and online payment choices must be present in your website. Make check-out as easy as possible for your customers.
Use a simple design for your mobile site: Place mobile-optimized images to allow for faster loading times without bogging down your bandwidth.
Optimized website for mobile users: As mobile users have restricted amount of screen space, you need to take advantage of this by providing faster loading times and more customized and mobile-centric website layouts.
Wearable Technology : Wearable technology makes internet within an easy reach.

Technology research firm the global market for wearables to reach around £3.2 billion by 2018. And this kind of technology may be exactly what you need to bridge the gap between e-commerce and the real, physical world.

Advantages of Wearable technology:

Updated and timely updates : Notifications focused on product’s pricing, promotion and marketing perks sent to consumers regularly.
Location-centric deals: Offer location-based promotions in real-time to match the current location of your target market.
Other Features :

Free shipping, same-day service and free return shipping.
Social commerce and social media engagement.
Customized marketing.
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