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PHP – Open Source Technology

As we know that PHP is an open source language and is a very popular tool to develop websites which are dynamic as well as complex in nature.

The famous platform named WordPress is also based on PHP, thus making its demand even more in India. And to meet these demands of creating good quality websites using PHP, we need to the Best PHP Expert.

Why PHP is popular in India:

India, a place where every third person is technical has a very bright future in this Information Technology era. With new institutes and training centers established in the country teaching them latest software tools and programming languages including PHP, it is easy for any company to hire PHP developer in India.

PHP with MySQL

Knowledge of PHP does not only help in web development but also in the development of various applications.

PHP Development usually goes hand in hand with MySQL and is used in creating many complex web applications, social media applications, website enhancements etc.

PHP is one of the most popular programming languages that has been used in creating websites, and even though it is said that some other language would replace it soon, looking at the way it is succeeding, it doesn’t look like it is going to disappear anytime soon.

It is very important to hire a PHP Developer who can create a fully functional website for you that is not just unique but also very different from others so that it can stand out from its competition.

Hiring PHP Developers or a dedicated team of PHP coders is a very tedious task in today’s competitive world. For over a decade, we are been serving our client with the expert PHP developers and programmers all over the globe with reasonable price. Best way to grow your business as big as you wants without any additional cost, commitment to any of your employee. Contact us today for hiring PHP Developer.

We focus mainly on creating an outstanding, custom application with dynamic and bootstrap responsive design. For highly scalable and quality programming that will improve the productivity of your application contact Star Webs Solution for hiring our hire PHP developer. Our hire PHP developer team is well versed with core PHP cake PHP and Mysql to develop your project.

Hire PHP Developer in India
  • 5 years of long experience in PHP Programming with our hire php developer team.
  • Expertise in all major PHP frameworks like joomla, magento and many more
  • Diverse skills to handle PHP programming along with resources by our hire PHP developer team
  • Free from maintenance and support
  • Excellent IT infrastructure with comprehensive standard amenities for project deployment
  • Hire PHP developer flexible basis – hourly/ part time /full time
  • Easy communication via phone, emails, chat, Skype, etc. with our hire PHP developer team

After finalizing the Web developer and project requirement, the hired PHP developer will befall ready to start your work within 24 hours. You will as well be assigned a Project Manager or Project Coordinator who will be administrating your project and team throughout the analysis, design, development and testing phase and further.


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