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Healthcare industry has always been a crucial one due to its nature, managing even a small clinic is highly tiresome activity with the outdated paper works. As hospitals are turning out to be semi-automated covering some its areas like human resource management and bill payment it is now found to be the high time for hospitals to get turned into completely automated system. Embracing complete systemized automation is the right solution for the current chaos faced by majority of the hospital managements in today’s scenario. We provide the most enhanced automated hospital management software that helps your management to work in a most efficient way. We are the best Hospital management Software Development Company in Coimbatore, India who brings real automation to uplift hospital management system.

Some Of The Seamless And Cutting-Edge Advantages Catered By Our Automated Hospital Management Are:

  • Fair automated platform that is tailor-made with functionalities for all the user types
  • Brings in 8 types of user accounts (Admin, Patients, Doctors, Nurses, Laboratorists, Pharmacists, Receptionists and Accountants)
  • Fixing doctor’s appointment has become easier
  • Enables patients to have one to one communication with doctors
  • Easy to track and manage with hospital accommodations
  • Easy drug tracking
  • Holds complete record on avail group of blood
  • Holds complete and accurate set of records of diagnostic reports
  • Simple and effective payroll management system
  • Hence we deliver a complete package of automated software solution for hospitals that helps every department to do a coordinated work in a effective way.

How Automated Hospital Management System Works?

Once the complete hospital management records where brought into the automated system, the admin takes care of all the functionalities and brings in the key users and allocate them in their respective positions.

Payroll management becomes easier now with this automated process as it brings complete transparency on the work schedules and total number of working days for doctors and other staffs.

On the other hand, doctors and other working staffs need to get registered by providing valid and complete information from their side, this will also be verified by the admin and add them in the respective sections.

Similarly the complete stock details is also added to this automation process by every department like pharmacy adding drug details and lab technicians adding details regarding instruments.

Adding these stock details helps the admin to maintain a proper balance between their demand and supply.

Using automated system, admin can now allocate the human resource properly according to their availability and slot them in different shifts.

Patients need to register by providing their complete information, once the information is verified from the admin side they were added to the automated systems.

We have deployed a structured working process in this automated hospital management software where the role of every employee is assisted in an efficient way by the AI tool.

Top hospital management software development company in Coimbatore, India who have deployed a structured working process that provides separate working functionalities for all the hospital staffs which directly monitored by AI tool.