• Pre fix your ideas:
Make sure that what is the purpose of our website and make it as crystal clear ideas that you want to incorporate it in your website.

• Design your App:
Define the structure of your app by normal sketching and then go for the development process after customize the aesthetic appearance of your app that is to be developed.

• Do some research:
The app that you want develop that comes under a certain functionality definitely having a competitor so look up the competitor and analyse them and take the best out of it and incorporate in your website.
Visit DRIBBLE to get the some details and feedback.

• Create a wire frame:
In this phase you have to merge your ideas into pictorial representation through some online tools. By using that you may check your app in review mode.
While working with wire frame you have to summarize the storyboard (connection between each screen) as it helps to understand how the user navigates your app.

• Define your back end:
By using the wire frame and storyboard of your app, you can now develop the API of your app. Wire frame and story board serves as a reserve for the developers who entering into the development of the applications.

• Test your prototype:
After developing the prototype of your app invite your friends and some technical support members to visit the app get the feedback from them and take notes about the UI and how the people using the app. Finally implement the features that your circle has mentioned.

• Designing the app
The main objective is to customize the app concept before doing the design. Because it is hard to implement the changes after the designing process is done.