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Mobile App Testing Company

Performance and usability testing Services crucial to ensure the quality of your mobile app Testing.

  • Identify issue ahead of customer.
  • ensure that your mobile app meets business goals
  • Enhance and enrich user mobility experience
  • Compatibility with various devices and OS version
  • Quicker time to market
Mobile App Testing Company

Mobile Application testing Company India

Mobile application testing is the foremost thing every app should undergo before they become available to the public. To make sure the application works perfect you must do comprehensive testing and ensure that your mobile app meets customer expectations and business goals. Mobile app testing is too complex as Mobile app testers have to test functionality, usability and consistency of the app across wide range of handheld devices and models, wireless carriers, OS, browsers and location.

Mobile Application Testing as Follow:-

  • Check the basic user experience & navigations
  • Operations with memory & control of memory leaks
  • Application stability on incoming / outgoing calls & stress/recovery from failures.
  • Intensity of power consumption & sensitivity to charge.
  • Support for various screen resolutions & screen sizes.
  • Check Orientation & Connectivity.
  • Install / remove applications properly in Phone / External memory
  • Test Audio Functionality (especially game applications)