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Outsource Software Development

Star Webs Solution is an Outsource Software development company. We provide Custom-fit, Flexible solutions to your requirements. Our Technically skilled outsource software development team has worked with clients of various size industries small, medium and Large industries.

India has emerged as a software development pioneer in the past decade. You can practically get any software you need to be developed at half the “market price” for it. That is simply due to the cheap cost of living in India. The developers are of the same quality you’d get locally if not better. So they tend not to charge as much as local developers and still live the good life.

Custom Software Consulting:

This is arguably the most popular type of outsourcing in the field. People tend to head that road to get professional advice on developing or testing and supporting their software. That includes consulting, end-user requirements analysis.

ERP Development:

Boost the quality of critical business information by developing a swift enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. This creates an “all seeing eye” in your business and eliminates all the blind spots. You can see every process down to the micro details and take informed decisions all across the board.

CRM Development:

CRMs are the ultimate way of client follow-up. It provides a history of the customer ever since he entered your system. As well as multiple operations such as lead distribution. You can have a results-oriented customer relationship management custom developed to accommodate your business.


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