We started with Quality Research, Quality Plan, Quality Preparation, Quality Design and Quality Maintenance. Based on the time and cost spending on this process, we will get the result. Anybody can design website with very minimum cost. But the quality of the website involves many factors. We always consider Quality as an important factor while developing a website. Even though there are so many companies doing website designing in Coimbatore, Star Web Solutions is considered as the best website designing company in Coimbatore because of our quality.

If we spend minimum time and cost for all these above then website performance will also be very minimum. Before proceed further, the professional approach will only give best result. We at Star Web Solutions always follow this professional approach. That’s the reason why we are famous for website designing in Coimbatore.

The website should be result oriented. Result means the website should have genuine visitors and 20% should contact the site owner as enquiry.

We cannot say about the conversion %. First of all how to get visitors for your website? The real content will get visitors for your website. Now what is real content? It means the client should spend time and cost for developing the text content about the company history, vision, certifications, Speciality, Clients targeting area, product or service details with more details and crispy abstract. The contact details should be available in all pages which is easy to access.

We should regularly check the flow of the visitors and how many of them visit our contact page and how many calls we received.

How a professional web site will perform?
Bring new visitors and the site will automatically convert the visitors into business client.

All buyers needed different information from the supplier. If the website is related to supply of product then it should cover all the information about the product. All the product details mean “All the details”.

The secret is, content writers cannot write “All the details”. But the company can only do.

How this can be done?
Well here we are going to discuss some important points about “all the details.”

All the details – All visitors are not same.

We can split them into some categories.

New Business Visitors – Will seek on any one in top with very basic keywords.

One Time Buying Visitors – This visitor may do some research with review and rating about the website and feedback.

Regular Buying Visitors – Aware of all the suppliers and their prices. Regularly searching for offers and new advanced specifications about the product and more.

Technical Visitors – Only looking for technical details and specification. Will not seek the review and rating.

Solution Finding Visitors – One who is looking for the solution on his problem or looking for upgrade to next level.

Research Visitors – This visitor search in all the above aspects like Website Presentation, Website content, Website Functionalities, Website Performance, Company Growth Ratio / Data, Graphical Representation of Data, Testimonial, Team Members, Company Portfolio, Review and Rating, Infrastructure, Video and Photo Gallery, Important Company News and Events and many more.

Advanced Visitors – Expecting new design, new functionality, new presentation, new information, new communication option, and all should be new for this visitor.

So, now prepare to design a quality website according to the above visitors. Each type has its own cost.

So now you can understand the quality and the price for the website development is more related.