WP Review Pro
WP review is the best wordpress review plugin for creating our own organic results.

This WP Review plugin also enables to write attractive reviews and also star rating reviews.

WP Review Pro adds all the proper schema mark-up to your ratings which are required for getting higher star ratings. In order to get our ratings in first place, WP Review Pro also provides some nifty points.

This plugin also allows users to add css animations to make them look more attractive.

User ratings overview
Review box’s width and alignment
Circle rating type
Display rating on thumbnail.
WP Product Review
WP Product Review is another wordpress plugin which is widely used for rating & reviews. In order to get star rating rich snippet in Google’s organic listings, WP Product Review plugin adds all the necessary schema mark-ups.

You can customize almost everything about the box’s design, Colours, widths, borders and 10+ different icons to use for your rating.

We can create beautiful product review boxes that make your reviews and quickly list out:

Overall rating
Ratings by individual criteria
Pros / Cons
Product image
Where to buy the product
All In One Schema Rich Snippets
All IN One Schema Rich Snippets plugin has the functionality of making best mark-up reviews.

All IN One Schema Rich Snippets plugin is the best wordpress plugin in the wordpress repository if you are looking for simple and lightweight methods to add schema mark-up for all kinds of content types.

Here are the 8 different supported content types in All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets. Currently, those schema types are:

Software Application
Rich Snippets is another important wordpress plugin which is used for Review & Ratings. If you are looking for advanced schema mark-up, then Rick Snippets is what you are looking for. Rich Snippets plugin also allows the user to create their own schema mark-up using shortcode option.

Rich Snippets has the functionality of around 7 different schema mark-up shortcodes that can be used to add schema mark-up to your content.

Rich Reviews plugin is mostly used to collect all the reviews which are posted in your website or individual products/posts/pages and display them collectively in your desired wordpress site’s post or page. As I said earlier, Rich Review plugin collects user ratings and it adds them up with proper schema mark-ups.

We can customize the colours and icons as we want using this plugin. This plugin is widely used because this plugin showcase the results in SERP’s ratings as well.
Rich Reviews plugin also ensures traffic to the websites.

Some of the short codes for rating reviews are as follows.

Individual posts/pages
Your entire website
Schema App Structured Data
Schema App Structured Data is the plugin which was widely accepted by many SEO analysts. This plugin creates the schema mark-up for all pages, posts, author and categories automatically when you install & activate this wordpress plugin.

This plugin has a major advantage of this plugin over its competitors. Schema App Structured Data optimises your content to be fully understood by the search engines so that your website will get huge traffic and higher click through rates and much more.

This plugin is so useful for your website SEO because it provides all three google site structure feature including few other features listed below.

Get access to Google Site Structure features like:

Sitelinks Search box
Site Name in Search Results