We spend so much of our time in finding a god website developer, writing contents for our website, taking images of our website and we spend money for designing a website as well. We are putting this much effort for our website to get the visitors to our website which are potential customers for our business. First screen a user sees when a website loads is Slider image section along with the menu. That landing screen will decide the fate of your website success. So designing the Slider section and navigation menu is the important thing to consider while designing a website in Coimbatore Tamilnadu India. The importance of a good navigation menu design for a website is discussed here. Next thing which a user sees our website is the Slider section. So website slider is a important part of any website. Even though being best website designing company in Coimbatore Tamilnadu India, we don’t take this issue slightly and we always give extra effort while designing the sliders for our client’s website.

We at Star Web Solutions, a leading Website Design and Development Company in Coimbatore Tamilnadu India has experienced team of skilled website designers who can design stunning Slider designs based on the business and its products for our clients. There are so many slider plugin which are available in the WordPress plugin repository for free. But these plugins offer only limited number of features and only few of the free slider plugins are regularly maintained and updated. So this is a huge setback for website designers in Coimbatore Tamilnadu India who are looking to find a Good free slider plugin for the websites. Even the slider plugins which we use frequently to design the sliders might fail at any time. So choosing a slider plugin for website is a crucial task. Click here to read in detail about some important points that need to be considered before selecting a slider plugin.

We usually used to design a slider with Texts and Background Image for a slider. Even though we Have changed the Designing pattern of the website with modern trends and design concepts like Geometric Pattern and Non Linear layouts, most of the website designing company in Coimbatore Tamilnadu India uses the same old slider concepts. But We being the trend setter in Website Designing in Coimbatore Tamilnadu India, we are always looking for innovations in web designing concepts and ideas. We use various attractive designs not only in website pattern but also while designing the sliders for our clients’ websites.

WordPress Free Slider Plugin vs Premium Slider Plugin:
As I mentioned above, there are so many free slider plugins available in the market. Since they are free, the plugin developers who maintain and update their plugins are very rare as they are not getting any money from the plugins which they developed. On the other hand, there are considerable amount of Premium WordPress Slider plugins available in the internet. They are maintained, updated and new features are added regularly since they are monetizing from their plugin. So this is the major difference. Premium slider plugins provide various advanced features and options whereas free plugins are limited to basic features. Click here to read in detail about top free slider plugins for wordpress. Most of the free Slider plugins provide both free version and pro version. Their free plugins will have limited options and if you want advanced options, you can just upgrade the plugin to pro version without changing the plugin and you won’t lose the slider which you have in the website already because we are upgrading the slider and not removing the slider plugin.

Best Premium Slider Plugin for WordPress:
Even though there are quite few premium slider plugins available for wordpress, We found “LayerSlider Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin by Kreatura” the best among the premium plugins. We use this premium slider plugin for advanced website designing in Coimbatore Tamilnadu India. We use this Layer Slider plugin for clients who want more animation and effects in the slider.


Major Features of Layer Slider:
Drag & Drop builder for adding layers in slider
Copy & Paste Style option from one layer to another
Dynamic Contents from Blog & News
Responsive Slider which works well on all the devices and screen sizes.
Various options like Full Screen, Full Width, Full Size etc
Provides better optimization for Website Speed
SEO Friendly slider
Infinite number of transition effects
More than 200 animation effects
Play by Scroll option